Smilexone Educare Success Story: Advanced digital technology to Indian patients

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Have you ever thought of getting a beautiful smile in the comfort of your home without multiple visits to dental clinics situated in faraway cities? Yes. It can be done with the help of advanced digital technology. That is what Smilexone Educare Pvt. Ltd.'s business model is all about: integrating advanced digital technology and keeping in mind the paying capacity of Indian patients.

In this article, let's take a glance at Smilexone Educare Pvt. Ltd., its products and services, business model, startup story, and more.

Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd - Company Highlights

  • Company Name Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd
  • Industry Healthcare, Dental
  • Headquarters Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
  • Founder Dr Prasant Tripathy, Dr Manasi Tripathy
  • Founded 2018

Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd - About

  • Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd is all about getting advanced digital technology to Indian patients.
  • Smilexone is empowering general dental practitioners to embrace specialized dental treatments. Then ultimately, these specialized treatments that are normally available in big cities or towns would also be catered to in small towns or villages.
  • Rather than importing the products from developed countries, Smilexone Educare would be in a position to export its products, as it is more economical in comparison to other intetatrnational brands.
  • The team at Smilexone Educare is working on a patentable technology to develop a product. If it succeeds in that, then it would be a game changer for the dental industry. Smilexone could compete with imported products, which are available in the price range of 12–30 lakhs, with its indigenously developed products at a fraction of that price.
  • Smilexone Educare is providing a 360-degree solution for the correction of irregular teeth.

Smilexone Educare Pvt. Ltd. Certificate of Recognition

  • Smilexone Educare is recognized as a startup by the Department of Promotion of Industry and Trade, Government of India.
  • Smilexone Educare is also recognized by Odisha State under its Odisha Startup Policy - 2016.

Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd - Industry

  • The dental industry is an essential part of the healthcare sector, which focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral diseases and conditions. With the increasing awareness of oral health, the demand for dental services has grown significantly over the years. The dental industry encompasses a wide range of services, including general dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, and cosmetic dentistry. The global dental market is expected to grow 7.4% during the forecast period, from USD 38.84 billion in 2022 to USD 63.93 billion in 2029.
  • Founders of the Smilexone Educare believe that 5 years down the line it would be a great Startup company in the dental industry.

Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd - Founders and Team

  • Dr Manasi Tripathy and Dr Prasant Tripathy are the founders of Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd.
  • Dr Manasi Tripathy, Managing Director, and Dr Prasant Tripathy, Director, of Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd, are successful and well-known dental surgeons from Odisha.
  • Immediately after their graduation from one of the prestigious government dental college in Odisha in 1999, they started their private practice. Right now, they are managing a chain of premier dental clinics under the brand name Smilexone and a state-of-the-art dental academy under the name Odisha Dental Academy.
  • They intend to add a dozen dental clinics with the same brand name in different cities in eastern India.

Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd - Startup Story

  • Dr Manasi Tripathy and Dr Prasant Tripathy started their careers in a small town in Odisha. They felt the need for correcting the teeth's alignment and achieving a beautiful smile was a pre-requisite among semi-urban as well as rural girls and boys.
  • But due to the lack of proper infrastructure and training among general dentists, this couldn't be made possible. So, this inspired the couple to think of a strategy that would help dentists boost their income and people belonging to rural and semi-urban areas obtain world-class treatment. In addition to that, the treatment would be in the comfort of their areas without having to visit cities for treatment, at a very nominal cost!
  • Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile? Is it really affordable and accessible to the people at large? No.
  • Considering the fact that in a vast country like India, there are only a few orthodontists who are responsible for the correction of irregular teeth whereas the number of people in need of this treatment is in the crores. From this simple math, Manasi and Prasant decided to build this unique business model.

Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd - Products/Services

In the initial days, Smilexone Educare intends to train general dental practitioners in Fixed Orthodontic Treatment from its center at Bhubaneswar.

"When doctors started coming down from faraway places like Andaman and Nicobar, Imphal, Jamshedpur, we decided to take this program to different cities of India" Says Dr Prasant.

Smilexone Educare has been operating in Odisha, Assam, and Chhattisgarh. As a blessing in disguise, the lockdown period gave the team an ample amount of time to think and develop -

  • Ortho Initia: A learning initiative that provides on-site and online training to general dental practitioners to assist them in providing irregular tooth correction to their patients.
  • OrthoKonnect: With an aim to bring on board lakhs of general dental practitioners, who are capable of providing specialized dental treatment under the remote guidance of orthodontists, OrthoKonnect was developed! Smilexone's mobile and desktop application “OrthoKonnect” would act as a bridge to connect general practitioners with specialists anywhere in the world.
  • Aestheticalign: A clear and transparent dental aligner made in India with technological collaboration from Germany & the USA. It would be the most cost-effective dental aligner system.
  • EZ Braces: Another product meant for doctors. This product would be able to make the task of the doctors in providing conventional braces to their patients.
  • My Smile My Rules: A patient-centric web portal for patients looking for correction of their irregular teeth through Orthodontic treatment. Doorstep treatment service can be provided through the portal.
  • Its other initiative is to indigenously develop high-end dental equipment and dental software under the mentorship of the Software Technology Park of India. One of its ideas involving AI technology has been shortlisted out of hundreds of applicants for “NEURON”- An STPI CoE in AI, Data Analytics, IoT & Audio-Visual Gaming Open Challenge Program (OCP).

Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd - Business and Revenue Model

  • Smilexone Educare has a robust business model. It doesn't believe in making huge investments in the initial days and waiting for the return to come. "We feel the business model should be self-sufficient," says Dr Prasant
  • "When we realize one segment of our business started making profit then only, we decide to venture into another segment. First it was the training program then we ventured into developing products" adds Dr Prasant
  • Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd - Startup Launch and Marketing Strategy
  • Founders' experience and track record of 22 years helped Smilexone Educare win the trust of patients.
  • Initially, the concept had been planned for Odisha. But when people started traveling from far-away places like Imphal, Andaman & Nicobar, and Jamshedpur, the idea was launched pan India.
  • "During the early days, our focus was on training. But Pandemic and the Startup India platform gave us the opportunity to strive for more. We entered into developing some dental products and software" says Dr Prasant, Founder of Smilexone Educare.
  • After a while, the team decided to launch its program in the East & North East states of India along with Bangladesh. It has tied up with some clinicians from different cities, who are the partners for arranging the course in the city.
  • A better understanding of market needs helped the team devise a successful marketing strategy. "The tagline of our campaign My Smile My Rules is appealing to everyone. Another tagline of our Brand “Aestheticalign”, Not Only for Class but for Mass is also rightly addressed to targeted clients" adds Dr Prasant.

Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd - Challenges Faced

  • Even with over 20 years of experience in the industry, developing software and dental products was a major challenge.

Smilexone Educare - Competitors

  • For products like Aestheticalign, its competitors are Invisalign by Align Technology, ClearCorrect by Straumann, DentCare Aligner by Dentcare Lab.
  • For training, it has competitors like Orthomania and Smile Train.
  • Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd - Achievements and Recognitions
  • "Besides being registered in both Start Up India and Start Up Odisha, both the promoters have received The Times Health Icon Awards and our dental hospital has ranked as the No1. dental care Centre consecutively for 3 years in a row" adds Dr Prasant


Who are the founders of Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd?

  • Dr Manasi Tripathy and Dr Prasant Tripathy are the founders of Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd.

What are the major products/services of Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd?

  • The major products/services of Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd include Ortho Initia, Ortho Konnect, Aestheticalign, EZ Braces, and My Smile My Rules.

Who are the competitors of Smilexone Educare Pvt Ltd?

  • For products like Aestheticalign, its competitors are Invisalign by Align Technology, ClearCorrect by Straumann, DentCare Aligner by Dentcare Lab. For training, it has competitors like Orthomania and Smile Train.

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