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SketchBubble is one of the leading presentation design firms that specialize in pre-prepared, professionally designed, and completely editable PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote templates. The startup prides itself on its expertise in professional presentation creation & design and on its longstanding commitment to fostering creative innovation, generating high-quality products, and maintaining uniqueness.

In this article, learn more about SketchBubble's business and revenue model, startup story, founders, and more.

SketchBubble - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-SketchBubble
  • Headquarters-Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • Industry-Design Services
  • Founders-Ashish Arora, Rohit Khariwal, Pankaj Narang
  • Founded-2014
  • Parent Company-InfoShore

SketchBubble - About

  • We all know how important presentations are for Professionals from all domains. After spending hours on the presentation design, still, the outcome is not that appealing to many professionals. (Even the founders of SketchBubble faced the same issue when they were creating an investor presentation for one of their earlier businesses).
  • Using SketchBubble's pre-designed presentation templates, professionals can easily create compelling presentations in minutes. It has one of the largest libraries of presentation templates for all possible categories. All its templates are entirely customizable, very easy to edit, and available in 2 colour themes. SketchBubble recently started animated PowerPoint templates as well.
  • The platform provides pre-designed instantly downloadable presentation templates which are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. Professionals find it very cumbersome to design engaging presentations (whether it is for educational purposes or pitching an investor or explaining a concept to staff). All of its templates are 100% customizable and users can easily edit without any designing knowledge. It's like downloading, editing, plug, and play. SketchBubble's visually appealing and easy-to-use templates save a lot of time for its users. They can focus on the delivery of the presentations and leave the design part to the platform.

SketchBubble - Industry Details

  • SketchBubble's target audience is every professional either a project manager, business executive, startup founder, educator or someone working in a position where there is a need to explain/present some core concepts, financial data, an investor pitch, a company’s values, educational concepts, an onboarding or business plan, etc.
  • Presentations have always played an important role in business, but in the next few years, Mr. Ashish Arora (Co-founder, SketchBubble) sees a great scope in the field of educational presentations, as well as online, which has come to the forefront during this COVID-19 crisis. Presentations can make online learning engaging and fun with the help of creative visuals.

SketchBubble - Mission and Vision

  • SketchBubble's Vision - Saving the valuable time and effort of presenters by providing them with professionally-designed, innovative, and pre-made presentations in line with the knowledge level, interests, and experiences of the audience.
  • SketchBubble's Mission - To embrace the power of words and engaging visuals in all the products to help all professionals deliver impactful presentations and make a lasting impression, keeping pace with the latest visual communication and design trends.

SketchBubble - Founders and Team

  • Though SketchBubble was launched in 2014, its parent company InfoShore is providing IT services since 2008.
  • InfoShore and SketchBubble are co-founded by Ashish Arora (Head of Product & Design), Rohit Khariwal (Head of Technology), and Pankaj Narang (Head of Social Media Marketing). They all completed their graduation from NIT Jaipur in the year 2005.

SketchBubble - Name and Logo

  • When the idea of starting a business of professionally designed presentation templates was conceptualized, the founders wanted to connect the domain name with graphics (not just slides and presentations so that in the future, they can add more types of templates like MS Word, MS Excel, Website templates, etc.). Thus, the journey of SketchBubble started.

SketchBubble - Business and Revenue Model

  • SketchBubble has a subscription billing model. Customers can choose Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly plans which can be cancelled at any time. It also offers 1 Day access plan to users who want to give it a try with a smaller amount. SketchBubble's 1 Day access plan costs $14.95 and other plans start from $49.95.

SketchBubble - Tools Used to Run the Startup

  • Mailchimp – Email Marketing
  • Razorpay Payroll – Employee Self-Service and Payroll
  • Hubstaff – for Time Tracking
  • Zendesk – Customer Support

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SketchBubble - Launch & Marketing Strategies

  • When the product was developed, the platform received social media and startup story coverage on some popular platforms. From the very first day, the team at SketchBubble worked on Content Marketing, which eventually resulted in a good Google ranking.
  • "So getting initial customers was not that hard for us; we focused on quality so that we get repeat customers and by the time that paid off well" - Ashish added.
  • Unlike its competitors, SketchBubble not only worked on the quality of its products, but it kept launching a lot of new templates each week. The team worked on multiple colour themes, and a variety of designs, and provided the same template not only for Microsoft PowerPoint but also for other popular platforms like Google Slides and Apple Keynote.
  • SketchBubble's founders always believe in a customer-centric approach. They give priority to customer requirements. Even if they provide pre-designed templates and do not officially provide customized presentations, whenever a customer requires custom slides, the team is always there to help them and provide their required presentations within 48 hours. As compelling presentation designs are the core of its business, the team keeps improving the designs on a regular basis so as to match the market trends.
  • When SketchBubble started Email Marketing - 1 Free Slide every week to its free product subscribers. This resulted in many converts within 3-4 months as users started to see the value of the products offered.

SketchBubble - Challenges Faced

  • Like every other online business that is dependent on traffic from Google, SketchBubble had its own ups and downs in Google ranking, which resulted in lower traffic a few times in the last couple of years. The team conquered every time they were affected by Google updates. The startup is constantly working on its content and design quality in order to have a lifetime of customers. Apart from this, finding the right talent is a challenge every organisation faces.

SketchBubble - Competitors

  • PresentationLoad and PoweredTemplate are the top competitors of SketchBubble.

SketchBubble - Future Plans

  • Currently, SketchBubble is working on making all its presentations animated so that customers will have the choice of opting for Static or Animated presentations. Apart from that, it is also working on MS Word and Excel Templates which should be live in a few months.


What is SketchBubble?

  • SketchBubble provides pre-designed instantly downloadable presentation templates which are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

Who founded SketchBubble?

  • Ashish Arora, Rohit Khariwal, and Pankaj Narang are the founders of SketchBubble.

Is SketchBubble free?

  • SketchBubble offers a few free templates to test the quality of its offerings. The platform charges subscription fees based on monthly, quarterly and yearly plans. Its plans start from $49.95 per month.

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