Reyes Holdings Success Story: The holding company of three business units

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America is home to many large industries serving the worldwide area. One such large company is Reyes Holdings. Reyes Holdings is a family-run business that is also recognized as one of the largest privately owned companies in America.

They produce and deliver the best-known brands and the widest varieties of foods and beverages. Read further to get more insight about Reyes Holding company such as its startup story, founders and team details, industry specification, etc.

Reyes Holdings Company Highlights

  • Company Name-Reyes Holdings
  • Headquarters-Illinois, United States
  • Sector-Food and Beverage Products
  • Founders-J. Christopher Reyes and Jade Reyes
  • Founded In-1974
  • Revenue-$27.8 Billion (2020)

Reyes Holdings - About

  • Reyes Holdings is a 47-year-old family business founded in 1976 by two brothers named Chris and Jude Reyes. The company consists of five divisions named Reyes Beer Division, The Martin-Brower Company, Great Lakes Coca-Cola Bottling, and Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling. The global headquarters of Reyes Holding is situated in Rosemont, Illinois.
  • The Reyes Beer Division is responsible for the distribution of beer to almost 71,000 accounts across the nation. The Martin Brower Company provides chain management services to almost 20,000 quick restaurant services across 19 countries.  
  • Great Lakes Coca-Cola and Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling are merged on January 01, 2022. Reyes Coca-Cola bottling is a Reyes-owned subsidiary responsible for the distribution of Coca-Cola to a number of places such as Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin, and many others.

Reyes Holdings - Industry

  • The food industry is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CARG) of 8.7%. The industry's global market grew from $581.25 billion in 2021 to $6327.35 billion in 2022. CARG has also predicted growth of 10.76% in the future. There will be steady and constant growth in the industry in the foreseeable future till 2029.
  • This report proves the growth rate of Reyes Holdings too, as they are completely involved in the industry. The market consists of various types of activities in the preparation of food and beverages starting from the procurement of raw materials to the distribution of processed food.
  • The pandemic outbreak of covid 19 in 2020 has resulted in a downfall and caused a restraint in the food market. Although Russia and Ukraine war is disrupting the rise after the pandemic, it's only in the short term. The CARG has also predicted an improvement in the industry as the war has created economic sanctions and supply chain disruptions.

Reyes Holdings - Founders and Team

  • The founders of the multi-millionaire company are two brothers namely J. Christopher Reyes and Jude Reyes, who co-chair Reyes Holdings. They first started with the beer distribution unit along with the support from their father.
  • Duke Reyes, the youngest brother in the Reyes family serves as the CEO of the company. Whereas, James and Tom contribute to the beer distributor subsidiary of Reyes Holdings.
  • The LLC now operates on a larger scale with over $30 billion in sales and nearly 30000 employees. The divisions under the holdings are majorly beer and coca-cola distributions. The source of wealth for the Reyes families is the food and beverage industry making them the 26th richest families in America in 2020.

Chris and Jude Reyes

J. Chris Reyes - Founder of Reyes Holdings

  • Being the elder brothers of the Reyes family, Joseph Christopher Reyes and Jude Reyes share the chairs of the distribution company. The firm was originally founded by their father with the support of both the elder sons.
  • Chris is the Chairman of Ann and Robert H.Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago and a member of trustees for Ronald McDonald House Charities. He also serves as the board of directors for the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago.

Duke Reyes

  • The younger brother of the Reyes family, Duke is the CEO of Reyes Beverage Group. He is a Florida resident whose main source of income is beer distribution. He is the 2324th billionaire (2022) with a net worth of $1.2B as per the Forbes list and his wealth is on decreasing pace since 2020.
  • The younger brothers of the Reyes family, James and Tom are the executives at the Reyes Beverage Group.

Reyes Holdings - Startup Story

  • Each business was once just a small idea. The spark ignited by the idea is what brings life to them in the form of business. As a family, Reyes brought in the idea of distributing beverages and food for popular and significant brands. Through a deep understanding of the market, Reyes hit the weaker point of the industry, which is distribution.
  • All through the world, manufacturing a product is much easier than actually distributing it to retailers. Reyes took that mission into their hands and made the distribution jobs easier for the brands.
  • It is easier to plot the idea but the execution point started with the distribution of Schiltz Beer in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Within a year, the Reyes brothers added distributorship in Georgia.
  • By 1979, they moved the headquarters to Chicago. Gradually, the LLC started expanding its wings all over the world. Taking the main focus of distribution in the beverages like beer and Coca-Cola, Reyes Holdings created a name in the industry. With a strong base in the beverage industry, the company paved its way into the food industry.
  • Jude and Chris took the company into their hands and acquired Martin Brower, after which the growth and success of the LLC is enormous.

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Reyes Holdings - Mission and Vision

  • Reyes Holdings have a clear mission statement and cohesive company values. The company mainly focuses on people's safety, relationships, integrity, dedication, and excellence.
  • The mission of Reyes Holdings is as follows, “We are committed to being the brewers’ distributor of choice by leveraging our scale to provide unparalleled service and continually striving to grow our customers’ profitability.”
  • The vision of the company is to be committed to providing excellence consistently. The vision statement of the company is, “By staying true to a long-standing commitment to excellence, Reyes Holdings, LLC has become a critical partner to companies across the country.”

Reyes Holdings - Name and Logo

  • Being a family business, the company follows its family name as its logo from the start. They have kept the logo simple yet classy.  The logo consists of Reyes Holdings written in blue shade with the word "Reyes" in bold and both of them are arranged in step order. Apart from this, a brown color shape is seen as an underline covering the word Reyes and Hold from the word holdings.

Reyes Holdings - Employees

  • Reyes Holdings currently operates 30000 employees with annual revenue of $30 billion. The company supports the employee's wellness and has a goal to foster a culture of health. They facilitate the employees with transparent communication, factual resources, and a range of benefit programs. The company also extends its support to the employee's family in the form of wellness activities and other similar benefits.
  • The employee discount program, Opt-in insurance, HSA/Flexible Spending Accounts, Matching contribution, and mental health awareness programs are some of the key highlights of the employee benefits at Reyes Holdings.
  • They also provide medical resource programs, weight loss programs, and Free annual health screening options. The free work hours and stress-free environment along with performance benefits keep the employees motivated and dedicated to the work.

Reyes Holdings - Challenges Faced

  • Reyes Holdings has been ranked 57th in the food retailers segment. But, it has reported on the non-disclosure of nutrition segment measurements. The company has not yet disclosed any explanation or disclosure on the personal data issues. Other than these two, the company has achieved environmental sustainability by reducing plastic packaging.

Reyes Holdings - Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Reyes Holdings is a company with four business units. The Reyes family of business includes Reyes Beer Division, Martin Brower, Greta Lakes Coca-Cola Bottling, and Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling.
  • In June 2022, Reyes Beer Division closed the acquisition of Columbia distributing in North California. Reyes Beer Division (RBD) also closed its acquisition of DET distribution company in Nashville and Jackson, Tennessee.
  • The new operations will continue to function as DET beverages. RBD has signed an agreement to acquire all the assets of Capitol Wright Distributing.

Reyes Holdings - Awards and Achievements

  • Reyes Holdings has won a lot of awards and recognitions, especially under the great places to work category.

Reyes Holdings - Competitors

  • The food and Beverage industry is a highly competitive industry and Reyes Holdings is been topping the industry for decades. The competitors include US foods Inc and Ben. E. Keith, The Coca-Cola Company, McLane Company, and Golden State Foods.


  • Reyes Holdings is a family-run wholesale and food distributor business started in the year 1976. It was started by the father and his two elder sons named Chris and Jude Reyes.
  • The global headquarters of the firm are placed in Illinois, United States. Reyes Holdings comprises four subdivision which is explained in the above context joined by other essential information about Reyes Holdings,


Who is the largest Coca-Cola bottler?

  • Coca-Cola Consolidated is the largest Coca cola bottler in the United States.

Who is the CEO of Reyes Coca-Cola?

  • Bill O’Brien is the present CEO of Reyes Coca-Cola.

How many employees does Reyes Coca-Cola have?

  • As per Zoominfo, Reyes Coca-Cola has 748 employees.

Where is Reyes Holdings' headquarters located?

  • Reyes Holdings' global headquarter is located in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

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