Nas Daily - Success Story of a Vlogging Platform that turned into a Multi-Million Dollar Brand

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Is it possible to make money by living my passion? What if my passion is to travel the world and enjoy life? Who would pay me the money? - Have you come across such questions? Most of us would because we love to live our life to the fullest by doing what we love. Our preferences and passion might vary, but ultimately, we all unite at a single spot of happiness and earnings.

Today's technology provides us the confidence to pursue anything of our choice that can be monetized. The only thing needed was an idea, proper planning and execution. Even the activities like gaming, blogging, and vlogging are excellent platforms to capitalize on. They were not even on the radar of money before technological advancements.

Still, if you have no ideas or don’t know what to do, there are platforms to feed you with plans. Today, we are filled with excellent opportunities and choices, and it lies with us to make things happen. Nuseir Yassin is one such travel vlogger who has influenced millions and serves as an excellent example for living a life of passion and earning out of it. He started as a travel vlogger in 2016 in the name of Nas Daily and established it as a brand today.

The following article covers the entire success story of Nas Daily, its journey from the beginning, funding, and growth over the years:

Nas Daily - Highlights

  • Startup Name-Nas Daily
  • Founder-Nuseir Yassin
  • Founded -2016
  • Business Type-Vlogging, Video Production, and Skill Development Courses
  • Area Served-Worldwide (Online)
  • Brands Operated-Nas Daily, Nas Studios, and Nas Academy
  • Location-Singapore (Nas Studios and Nas Academy)
  • Followers-42 million

Nas Daily - About

Nas Daily was started as a vlogging page on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. It became well-known after its founder Nuseir Yassin took up the challenge of making one-minute videos for 1000 days.

He traveled the world to make Nas Daily vlogs happening and enjoyable for his viewers. The project's popularity paved the way for Nas Daily to establish itself as a brand. With two offices in Dubai and Singapore, Nas Daily operates worldwide with two other brands, namely Nas Academy and Nas Studios.

Nas Daily - Founders

Nuseir Yassin is the founder of Nas Daily and the CEO of Nas Academy. He was born on 9th February 1992 in Arraba, Israel. Born in a well-educated family where his father was a psychologist and his mother was a teacher, Nuseir received a good early education in Israel. He even secured a scholarship to enter Harvard University for higher education.

Nuseir, at first, planned to graduate in aerospace engineering but ended up getting a degree in economics. Yassin co-founded a social media search engine named pay-it-forward during his graduation. He also worked as a software developer in Venmo for two years, from 2014 before he started Nas Daily.

Nas Daily - Mission and Vision

Nas Daily was founded with a mission to create and post 1000 one-minute videos in 1000 days. After successfully doing so, the company evolved its mission to "Leave a positive mark on the world."

The team doesn't want to make mere entertaining videos but to inspire and spread optimistic values to the future generation. Nas Daily believes in what it does. It has the vision to enlighten the youths through its storytelling worldwide.

Nas Daily - Name, Tagline, and Logo

'Nas' from the name Nas Daily means 'People' in Arabic. Since it was started as a daily video challenge page targeted toward the people of this world, Nuseir Yassin named it Nas Daily.

The company's tagline proclaims its mission of positivity and youth inspiration. It says, "We are a force for good."

The logo of Nas Daily comes in simple all-caps letters where 'NAS' is written in yellow and 'DAILY' is presented in white. The name is followed by a yellow 'dot'.

Nas Daily - Business and Revenue Model

Nas Daily's initial business model was to post videos daily on various social media platforms. The 1000 one-minute video challenge was itself a breaking point for its growth. The company started making revenue even before the completion of this challenge. Around $40,000 was the average monthly revenue that Nas Daily reported from gigs, Ad revenues from Facebook and YouTube, and other brand deals.

Nas Daily entered the video production business through the establishment of Nas Studios. It develops quality and creative content for its customers. The revenue for Nas Studios is generated from the production and sale of these video projects. Usually, it charges around $10,000 and $70,000 for single video production.

Nas Academy offers training videos and accelerator programs for creators to multifold their creativity. It sells online classes and video lectures to learners, thus developing a revenue structure from its operation.

Nas Daily - Startup Story

Nas Daily is the result of its founder, Nuseir Yassin, passion for travel. He quit his well-paying job to explore the world in 2016. After purchasing a camera with his savings, Yassin first decided to tour Kenya. He documented his travels as videos and posted them on Facebook.

But the income of Nas Daily was zero for the first 500 days. A Russian media company offered him a job to create travel videos and covered his expenses. This resulted in a perfect opportunity for Nuseir and provided great exposure for him. Nas Daily’s popularity exploded after the 1000 one-minute video challenges in 1000 days.

Nas Daily - Growth

The growth of Nas Daily is reaching new heights every day. Starting with a mission to complete a video challenge, the company is worth millions today. Those initial 1000 days gave a considerable reach, popularity, and an excellent platform for Nas Daily’s future. It started making good profits through collaborations and advertisements during the first phase of its operation itself.

Nuseir Yassin didn’t want his company’s progress to be inclined to a circle. He created a new company named Nas Academy to educate creators on the art of creativity and social media management. Within a year of Nas Academy’s inception, it has produced 2 lakh creators and 15 million followers.

Nas Studios is another wing of Nas Daily that was established on the 1001st day, right after concluding the one-minute video initiative. It produces innovative videos and other related requirements for customers. Nas Studios' products have over 20 billion views in over 17 languages. The company has established its offices in Singapore and Dubai.

The above graph shows the total subscribers of Nas Daily Youtube with their count in lakhs as per the data published on

The above graph shows the total subscribers of Nas Daily Youtube with their count in lakhs as per the data published on

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Nas Daily - Funding and Investors

Since Nas Daily started as a vlogging page on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, it didn’t require many funds. Nuseir Yassin managed his initial travel expenses through his income from a Russian media company. As a result, Nas Daily received its first funding only in 2021. It went through a Seed Round of funding on June 19, 2021, and received an undisclosed amount from the US-based venture capital firm 500 Startups.

Nas Academy, founded in 2020, went through two funding rounds. Many investors showed interest in participating in those two funding rounds. The Series A round was held on July 13, 2021, and was led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, where the startup secured $11 million to develop its CreatorTech business. A total of 14 investors made their investments, including 500 Startups, Graph Ventures, and Ride Ventures.

Another funding round took place on July 26, 2022, and a sum of $12 million was invested in Nas Academy. This round was led by BECO Capital and Pitango Venture Capital, where Jack Conte, FTX Ventures, and HOF Capital also participated in the funding.

Nas Daily - Challenges Faced

Nas Academy faced challenges after it used a video for educational purposes by a Filipino tattoo artist. The artist claimed that Nas Academy utilized the video without acquiring rights. The company, in turn, posted a video proof of the artist signing an agreement.

But, the NCIP’s (National Commission for Indigenous People) inquiry revealed that there was no formal consent in the contract, and hence Nas Academy apologized to the concerned members. The matter was finally resolved on October 24, 2021, and the agreement was declared null and void.

Nas Daily - Future Plans

Nas Daily has a plan to go public sometime in the future. The company said it would be a big step and involves a vast process to step ahead as this transformation will not be like a simple one-minute video challenge. Yassin believes that going public would give them enormous opportunities for expansion and ensure the growth of Nas Daily.

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Founded by Nuseir Yassin, Nas daily was not actually prepared to be a company with a reliable plan. Instead, it was just started with a challenge of posting one minute video for 1000 days. With this challenge, the company rose to fame even before it was known to complete the task.

Started with a different purpose but is now well equipped with resources and funds to help it reach much higher positions every day. The above article contains crucial information about the Nas Daily platform including its startup story, investors, business and revenue model, challenges faced, etc.


Is Nas Daily an Indian?

No, Nas Daily was started off by an Israeli-Arabic vlogger who used to reside in Singapore earlier but now has shifted to Dubai.

What is the Nas Daily academy?

Nas Daily academy is the online space that allows newcomers to learn creating and different skills required in the same field by experienced creators.

Who is the owner of Nas Daily academy?

The owner of Nas Daily is Nuseir Yassin.

Is project nightfall and Nas Daily related?

Project nightfall is the social media platform owned by Agon Hare. Agon Hare is most known for his educational videos and is also recognized for his contribution to Nas Daily. Agon was reported to be working full-time traveling with the Nas team in order to shoot, edit and produce Nas Daily's one-minute videos.