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The healthcare industry is one of the most prominent industries in the world. It is the industry that keeps coming up with new innovations and technologies to help people improve their lives and increase their lifespan.

However, in many cases, new scientific technologies and innovations are put to the test, and an important Indian medicine system like Ayurveda proves to be more useful. Here, a great example of a healthtech platform is LifeChart which bridges the gap between Ayurveda, science, and technology and helps provide authentic alternative wellness solutions.

In this article, learn more about LifeChart, its founder, its business and revenue model, its future plans, and more.

LifeChart - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-LifeChart
  • Headquarters-Gurugram, Haryana, India
  • Sector-Health & Wellness
  • Type-Private
  • Founder -Mukul Shah
  • Founded -2021

LifeChart - About

  • Lifechart is India’s first holistic alternative healthtech platform that caters to the overall well-being of individuals. The fast-growing health tech brand is striving to build an alternate healthcare ecosystem that benefits people in India and overseas. Founded in 2021, the firm has carved its own niche when it comes to developing patented technologies aimed at streamlining the ayurvedic diagnosis process and scientific clinical trials while assisting patients in recovering from various mental health and chronic diseases. The firm also lays a greater emphasis on holistic wellness for both men and women.
  • Building on its growth trajectory, the brand secured its first pre-seed round of $250k in May 2022 which was oversubscribed with marquee investors like Nitish Mittersain founder of Nazara technologies, US-based investment VC Expert Dojo, Sarath Sura, Nihal Sura and Sunn91 ventures in attendance.

LifeChart - Industry Details

  • Lifechart is a full stack alternate wellness digital platform that allows customers to ascertain the condition and severity of their respective diseases by getting connected with the best verified ayurvedic doctor, by virtue of the app's proprietary AI, within 60 seconds, something that makes it an instant and most-accessible platform that allows patients to avoid hardships in booking slots and waiting in queues. Alternative and holistic medicine is the collection of knowledge and traditions that survive the inscrutable passage of time. It is the use of natural products that haven’t been scientifically altered and, at the same time, have been left to be forgotten as they are not scientific methods. However, we always resort to the traditional knowledge of our elders to alleviate diseases or conditions that affect our health.

LifeChart - Founder

  • LifeChart was founded by Mukul Shah in 2021.
  • Lifechart, India's most innovative healthtech brand, takes inspiration from its pragmatic founder, Mukul Shah, who envisioned the idea of building an alternate healthcare ecosystem to aid people in India and overseas at an affordable price.
  • "Before sowing the seeds for Lifechart, Mr Mukul Shah incepted ‘YoloBus’, a successful online bus ticket booking platform he built from the ground up before getting it successfully acquired by a public-listed company. Boasting of an extensive entrepreneurial enterprise experience of 12 years, he is translating strategy into actionable goals for the performance and growth of the company and remains pivotal in implementing organization-wide goal setting, performance management, and annual operating planning.
  • The advent of Lifechart was a result of Mr Mukul’s meticulous efforts and the impending need to find an alternate wellness solution for his unwell mother. His search landed him into various offline-only solutions amid other problems ranging from a broken customer experience, a serious lack of trust, and limited access to reliable solutions to a non-existent patient-care layer. This was the time when his personal suffering and deep research paved way for the imminent need for a trustable, convenient and full stack brand which not only helps in providing authentic alternate wellness solutions but also bridges the gap between Ayurveda, science and, most importantly, technology - the ethos of Lifechart as a brand."

LifeChart - Mission and Vision

  • The company’s vision is to create an instant, affordable, and accessible platform where customers are offered everything related to alternative wellness as a one-stop solution. Right from diagnosis to suggesting a specially curated care management program, customers are aided by specialist consultations with our ayurvedic doctors and herbal commerce alongside clinically-tested Lifechart herbal products, nutraceuticals, supplements, and naturopathic medicine.

LifeChart - Name, Tagline and Logo

Name: LifeChart

Tagline: Making Holistic Alternate Health Available Instantly

LifeChart - Business and Revenue Model

  • Lifechart is growing at 25% MOM in terms of its customers and revenue. At present, Lifechart is unit-level positive and profitable. Currently, Lifechart has engaged above 200 Ayurveda doctors and mind counsellors. By this month's end, due to the huge demand for alternate health products from customers, Lifechart will be launching its own line of Ayurveda products, which will be backed by their own formulations, to address diseases related to the Gut, Men's wellness, Women's wellness, sexual wellness, and diabetes.

LifeChart - Awards and Achievements

  • The company has got 45k plus customers within 5 months of app launch and also sees a strong trend of 52% repeat customers month on month. At present they have more than 100 plus Ayurvedic doctors who are all BAMS degree holders & affiliated with the Ministry of Ayush along with 50 plus mind counsellors.
  • Lifechart raised their pre-seed round in May 2022 which was oversubscribed from marquee investors like Nitish Mitterssain (Founder of Nazara technologies), Sunn91 Ventures, Sarath Sura, US-based VC Expert Dojo and a few other famous angel investors.
  • The brand won the second best health tech startup award 2022 by the NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) in just 6 months of its inception.

LifeChart - Competitors

The competitors of LifeChart are:

  • Jiva Ayurveda
  • Kapiva
  • Mojocare

LifeChart - Future Plans

  • Lifechart is planning to raise its next round of funding. The brand is also in the process of launching a few new features on its app, where patients will be able to record their health vitals and enrol themselves in life-care programs. The additions will witness the Lifechart team guiding the patients right from the discovery of disease to safe recovery under the close supervision of their ayurvedic doctors. Their specialized unit, Lifechart Labs, with a dedicated team of research experts that includes the best of the country’s alternate healthcare specialists and doctors, has already begun clinical trials and subsequent research for creating various disease-specific recovery SOPS with proprietary formulas and studies. The brand is also looking to launch its clinically-tested alternative wellness products, primarily for customers in India and then overseas.


What is LifeChart?

  • LifeChart is India’s first holistic alternative health tech platform that caters to the overall well-being of individuals. The fast-growing health tech brand is striving to build an alternate healthcare ecosystem that benefits people in India and overseas.

Who is the founder of LifeChart?

  • Mukul Shah is the founder of LifeChart.

When was LifeChart founded?

  • LifeChart was founded in the year 2021.

Where are LifeChart's headquarters?

  • LifeChart's headquarters are situated in Gurugram, Haryana, India.

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