Giani Ice Cream Success Story | How the company offers many options beyond just Ice cream

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Who doesn't love the sweetened frozen food known as Ice cream? Be kids or adults, ice cream is consumed as a snack or dessert by many of us. Whether you are in the mood of having a mini celebration with your friends or even want to treat someone just to lighten up their day, ice cream comes to our mind right away.

The origins of ice cream started around 500 BCE. In South Asia, the concept of ice cream began when the Mughals used to get ice from the Hindu Kush to its capital Delhi and used it in fruit sorbets.

Giani, the ice cream brand we all are familiar with, is one of the oldest ice cream brands in India. Established as a small ice cream shop in 1956 by Giani Gurcharan Singh, Giani ice cream made it big and has over 200 stores across India today.

Here's the story of how Giani kept its legacy over all these years. Know everything about Giani's founder, its mission and vision, its business and revenue model, and so on.

Giani - Company Highlights

  • Headquarters-Delhi, India
  • Legal name-Giani Ice Cream Private Limited
  • Sector-Diary products, ice cream
  • Founder-Giani Gurcharan Singh
  • Founded-1956
  • Revenue-Rs 18 crores (2019-2020)

Giani - About

Giani Ice Cream, founded in 1956 in Fatehpuri, Delhi, is a company that manufactures and sells ice cream, faluda kulfi, Italian gelato, sorbet, and snacks. Its cutting-edge infrastructure, which spans 15,000 square feet in Manesar and Delhi, is divided into a variety of departments such as processing, quality testing, cold storage, and packing.

Giani's delicious vegetarian ice cream and snacks are enjoyed by children, teenagers, and adults alike. Their production facility has a low-temperature hardening chamber, a continuous freezer, and filling stations.

The company can undertake pasteurization, homogenization, hardening, aging the mix, freezing, and packing at its structures under the charge of an efficient team comprised of food specialists, nutritionists, quality controllers, sales professionals, and administrative staff.

Giani's products are made with high-quality milk, cream, chocolate, fruits, and other natural ingredients to make for excellent nutritional value and low-fat content frozen desserts.

The brand is prevalent throughout India, with 40 franchisee locations in Delhi/NCR alone.

Giani also offers a personalized meal for all events to commemorate a particular occasion such as Anniversaries, Marriages, or any parties. It provides outdoor catering at a variety of places around Delhi and the NCR region.

Giani - Industry details

The Indian ice cream industry is expected to increase at a CAGR of 17.3 percent between 2021 and 2026. The demand for increased need for different types of ice cream flavors is what pushes the industry to newer heights. As per reports, the global ice cream market was valued at $79 billion in 2021. Furthermore, the global ice cream industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% from 2022 to 2030.

Giani - Founder and Team

Giani is founded by Giani Gurcharan Singh in 1956.

Giani Gurcharan Singh

Giani Gurcharan Singh is the creator of the Giani ice cream shop brand. He moved to Delhi from Faislabad, Pakistan, and settled as a refugee in Delhi’s Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk. Giani Gurcharan Singh opened the first store under the name 'Giani Di Hatti. The business was then called Giani and slowly started developing additional branches in Delhi and other regions of North India. It was believed that Giani Gurcharan Singh had a sweet shop in Pakistan before moving to India. He even used to make all the desserts by his hand and used high-quality ingredients.

Giani - Startup Story

The story begins in 1956 in Giani-di-Hatti, a landmark of ancient Delhi tucked among the Fatehpuri and Chandni Chowk bazaars. Giani Gurcharan Singh, a traditional sweetmeat maker from Layallpur (Faislabad), Pakistan, started his business after relocating to Delhi.

By making all the desserts by his hands, Giani Gurcharan Singh began serving his famed rabri-faluda and mango shakes, which he produced with great care and passion using only the highest quality ingredients. This struck a chord with the discriminating citizens of the walled city, and Giani became popular in the city.

In 1970, the company was split into two parts: Gurcharan Sons and Giani Ice Cream. In the same year, Giani Gurcharan Singh took over Giani Ice Cream and requested his eldest son Shri Gurbachan Singh, who was still an undergraduate at the time, to join the company and add ice cream flavors to the company's traditional sweets.

The success of the company was due to Giani Gurcharan Singh's commercial acumen, as well as his ability to make ice cream with his hands. It was an age when politicians and celebrities like Raj Kapoor and Mohammad Rafi would come to savour the food and take up the ambiance.

Giani Gurcharan Singh's three children chose to split up in 2007. Shri Gurbachan Singh, the eldest of the brothers, and his son Shri Taranjit Singh opted to continue the family heritage and kept Giani Ice Cream to develop the chain of franchise ice cream restaurants across NCR under the original brand.

Giani Ice Cream has successfully spanned age ranges and found universal appeal among ice cream enthusiasts with over fifty locations.

It combines the memories of Chandni Chowk's famous and classic rabri-faluda, chilled mango shakes with the current desire for chocolate whiskey ice cream. It also has a range of sundaes, mousses, and shakes, as well as gelatos, frozen yogurts, and health-conscious inventions like jamun sorbet.

Giani - Business & Revenue Model

Giani operates as a franchisee-based business model. It is present in over 200 stores across states like Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Telangana, etc.

The company is engaged in offering a wide variety of ice cream, faldua kulfi, Italian gelato, sorbet, and snacks. All of the products of Giani are manufactured under strict quality standards to provide excellent nutritional value and minimal fat content. To retain taste and freshness, ice cream is kept at the proper temperature.

The company's business operations also offer catering services for different occasions such as marriages, and birthday parties. Giani is reported to have made a revenue of Rs 18 crores during 2019-2020.

During the pandemic time, the company made the best use of time to rethink and work on its packaging and menu. It introduced sealed glass jar packaging and expanded its menu to provide clients with additional options.

Giani made a good amount of sales during Covid-19 as online orders increased because of the digital payment mode and contactless deliveries.

Giani - Competitors

Giani competes with the following competitors:

  • Kwality Walls
  • Mother Dairy
  • Amul
  • Baskin Robins
  • Natural’s Ice cream:
  • Vadilal
  • Pabrai's
  • Cream and Fudge
  • Cream Bell
  • Havmor
  • Haagen Dazs

Giani - Future Plans

Giani already has made its benchmark by having over 200 stores across India. Its objective over the next few years is to outperform all competitors as India's leading player as an ice cream brand. It also intends to expand its international reach and target the global market in the coming years.


Who is the CEO of Giani Ice-creams?

Gurbachan Singh is the current CEO of Giani Ice-creams.

Is Giani & Giani's different?

Yes, both entities are different.

Where is the head office of Giani?

The head office of Giani is in Delhi.

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