BYITC Success Story: Practising the Abacus mathematics tool is an effective way for children to master Abacus maths

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Have you ever struggled with math or witnessed a child experiencing difficulty grasping math concepts? Despite its importance in education, many people struggle with math and develop a fear of making mistakes. Children often find it challenging to grasp difficult math concepts and can develop a fear of making mistakes.

To address this problem, British Youth International College (BYITC) offers an innovative and creative approach to learning math that helps students overcome their fear and enjoy math to the fullest. BYITC provides mental development, skill development, and language proficiency training to children through its Abacus Mathd, English language, IT, and coding classes.

The abacus, one of the earliest known calculating devices, is a proven brain development tool that enhances mental arithmetic abilities in children. Here, you will learn how BYITC has adapted the abacus to modern-day teaching methods and why it's a powerful tool for improving children's math skills.

In this article, get to know about BYITC, its business model, founder, USP, and more.

BYITC - Company Highlights

  • Company Name-British Youth International College (BYITC)
  • Headquarters-Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Industry-EdTech, E-Learning
  • Founders-Dr Rashmi Mantri
  • Founded-2016

BYITC - About

  • British Youth International College (BYITC) offers training in mental development, skill development, and language proficiency development for young people through its courses on the abacus, English, cyber awareness, and more. Abacus Math aids in mental development and improves a student's arithmetic skills. It also offers result-oriented English language programs, such as English for Kids, Accent Training, and Spoken English. Apart from abacus and English courses, BYITC provides computing and coding classes for children.

BYITC - Founders and Team

Dr Rashmi Mantri started BYITC along with her son Dhruv Maheshwari.

Dr Rashmi Mantri

  • Rashmi serves as the Director at British Youth International College. She has done BSc (Hons), MSc (Dist), and Ph.D. Computer Science from the University of the West of Scotland. Prior to founding BYITC, she worked as a lecturer at West George College Limited, Senior Web Developer at Parker and Hobbs, Web Application Developer at Social Care and Social work Improvement Scotland, and as a Semantic Web Researcher (Database Research Group) at the University of the West of Scotland United Kingdom.

BYITC - Startup Story

Inspiration to Start BYITC

  • Dr. Rashmi Mantri began her career as a software engineer in the industry, but due to a strong interest in academics, she transitioned to work as a corporate IT trainer and lecturer in various institutions around the United Kingdom.
  • Education is without a doubt her passion, and she feels that it has the power to transform the world. Rashmi's entire life revolves around her son, Dhruv Maheshwari, including her transition from educating adults to teaching children. One day, Rashmi asked Dhruv to perform a simple arithmetic sum for her while he was in Primary 5. Subtracting 13 from 35 was as simple as that. But, much to her surprise, he couldn't figure it out. She was disappointed and then became determined to change her child's attitude toward numbers.
  • Rashmi began teaching him math with Abacus, a fascinating and simple tool. Despite the fact that the abacus is as old as civilization, few people use it nowadays. People can compute sums faster than a calculator after learning the Abacus method. Dhruv was quick to learn the new method, picking up the Abacus Mental Theory in just six days. The "Human Calculator" is his new moniker. Little Big Shots, an ITV show where he was invited to perform and demonstrate his very fast calculations, gave him this nickname.
  • They received a significant response from parents all throughout Scotland after the show. Many of them rushed in and asked if she could teach their child in the same manner. They couldn't believe what they were seeing! In answer to her son's request, Rashmi organized an Open Day at his school, which drew a huge crowd of students and their parents. This marked the start of BYITC!

Researching and Validating the Idea

  • The research and validation took place as part of travel through Glasgow, where the idea was tested in a variety of schools and with hundreds of kids. Rashmi and Dhruv discovered that the students lacked arithmetic skills and had a strong phobia of mathematics. When Rashmi first started teaching students math using the Abacus technique, their arithmetic skills improved dramatically, and she could see that this teaching method was working.
  • As students began to do well in mathematics in their classrooms, this development intrigued school teachers, who began questioning students about how they learned to calculate so quickly. As a result, she began receiving requests from schools to use this method in their classrooms. That was a milestone that validated the instructional approach.

Journey of Ideation, Designing & Prototyping

  • Dhruv persuaded his mother Rashmi to start the first batch of Abacus classes, which began the Ideation journey. She was really busy with her profession at the time and was hesitant to take on such a large responsibility. But Dhruv persuaded her, and Rashmi began working on a genuine launch of her class by opening the first center in Glasgow. The original curriculum was created by Dhruv and Rashmi.
  • They started receiving class requests from all over Scotland as soon as the first few batches were completed, so they created another venue in Glasgow and Edinburgh. However, they quickly realized that they couldn't have a center in every location, so Rashmi & Dhruv began planning to teach the course online.
  • Rashmi's computer science education and work experience came in handy here. Her transformation from binary to Abacus digits aided in comprehending and building the world's first online e-learning Abacus application. She began developing an application for Abacus instruction. Rashmi formed a team of computer professionals to construct an internet application after developing a prototype.
  • The team was ready with the web application for Abacus instruction in 2018, which was the first of its kind on the globe. They were largely using the application in a hybrid format with physical classes at the time. However, when the pandemic struck and the world came to a halt for a few months, they decided to take all of their classes online since Quality Education cannot and should not be interrupted.

BYITC - Vision and Mission

  • The company’s vision is to assist students in laying the foundation for a bright future by using innovation and technology to make learning more engaging.
  • Its short-term goal is to raise awareness and make Abacus Mental Maths Education accessible to the world's children by developing the world's first state-of-the-art Abacus teaching online application.

Core Belief

  • The team is committed to leveraging technology to improve children's learning abilities. The core staff also believes in working with parents in a transparent and honest manner to improve their children's futures.

BYITC - Product and USP

  • Online English Class | British Youth International College (BYITC)
  • BYITC's Abacus course aids in the development of a student's mental abilities and arithmetic skills. Students can improve their English language skills by taking English courses.
  • On its online web application, the courses are taught by trained and certified teachers. Students and teachers can access the entire teaching content via the web application. The application delivers customized course content, and information, assigns homework, and tests, then evaluate results and generate reports.
  • The web application allows the team to deliver its material to any location in the world. BYITC is the only firm with a fully functional Abacus teaching web application. Traditional Abacus classes require a lot of student-teacher interaction and include a lot of questions, homework, worksheets, and so on, whereas a student studying through its application can interact and learn with the teacher remotely, access and practice a lot of questions, do his homework, take tests, and access reports.

BYITC - Business and Revenue Model

  • BYITC operates on both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customer (B2C) models. Under the B2C model, students can take live online instructor-led classes through the company's web application. Under the B2B model, the company works with educational institutions such as schools and colleges to provide online educational content and services. Additionally, they also offer a franchise model that provides business opportunities to interested individuals.
  • Under the Franchise model, the company will conduct offline and online hybrid lessons through physical centers across the country. This model will be extremely useful for students who do not have access to a computer or an internet connection, or who prefer to take classes offline. This concept will also provide adolescents, girls, and teachers with a business opportunity. The team at BYITC is willing to share its business knowledge with like-minded individuals.

BYITC - Launch and Growth Strategy

  • "Perhaps we were extremely fortunate in obtaining the first few clients, as the company was founded in response to the desires of our first few consumers. We had customers first, and then we devised a strategy for turning it into a business" says, Rashmi Mantri, Founder & Chairperson, BYITC
  • The team held an Open Day to invite parents and children who struggled with mathematics after they started the first batch with a few pupils. The Open Day was a huge success, and they reached the milestone of 80 pupils in less than a month.
  • BYITC approached schools to reach out and interact with parents in order to raise awareness about its programs. Since the Abacus maths education produces visible results, it was quite straightforward to persuade schools to use its curriculum.
  • The team at BYITC believes that its focus on maintaining teaching quality and providing each child with a personalized learning experience has aided the company in retaining its customers the most. They have a "no compromise policy" for providing quality education to their students.

BYITC - Competitors

Aloha and UCMAS are the top competitors of BYITC.

BYITC - Future Plans

  • BYITC's goals involve concentrating on the Indian market, where it intends to form partnerships with reputable schools to give its courses to students. The company will also use the franchise model to develop a robust and broad physical center network to provide its courses.
  • The corporation intends to enter new markets, primarily in Asia and the Middle East. For a few months, it has been offering its courses to a number of Asian and Middle Eastern nations, and the team has noticed a strong demand for its courses. In order to ensure the excellent quality of its course delivery, the organization is actively working on incorporating additional technological innovation.


What does BYITC do?

  • British Youth International College (BYITC) offers training in mental development, skill development, and language proficiency development for people as young as 6 up to 24 through its Abacus Mental Maths and English language courses.

Who is the founder of BYITC?

  • Dr Rashmi Mantri started BYITC along with her son Dhruv Maheshwari.

What is the USP of BYITC?

  • BYITC is the only firm with a fully functional Abacus teaching web application. BYITC's Abacus course aids in the development of a student's mental abilities and arithmetic skills. Students can improve their English language skills by taking English courses.

Who are the competitors of BYITC?

  • Aloha UCMAS and more are the competitors of BYITC.

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