BlushBee Organic Beauty Success Story: Vegan Beauty Product in India

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The cosmetic market in India is highly dominated by popular brands like Loreal, Lakme, Maybelline, etc. But the thing to note about them is that not all the products sold by them are organic in nature.

Not just these brands, there are many foreign companies in India as well as Homegrown companies that sell cosmetic products with chemicals in them. These products are hence not suitable for everyone and always carry the risk of side effects.

BlushBee - Company Highlights

  • Company Name- BlushBee Organic Beauty
  • Headquarters- Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Industry- Cosmetic Industry, Personal Care Products
  • Founders- Shobana and Navaneethan
  • Founded On- September 2021
  • Website-

BlushBee - About

  • BlushBee is an organic beauty brand that fills the void in the Indian cosmetic industry by enabling 100% natural and organic beauty products to its customers on a global scale.
  • The brand BlushBee started off with an intention of providing organic and cruelty-free products suitable for Indian complexes under the desired range. From its start in September 2021, the firm has seen a trusted response from its customers.

BlushBee - Industry

  • The cosmetics industry is a 24-billion dollar market that grows by 5.91 percent annually. This industry is experiencing significant growth as a result of the new generation's determined efforts to appear presentable.
  • People nowadays prefer to eat organic food in order to avoid unnecessary diseases. But when the same logic is applied to the cosmetic industry, not many options are available in the market to try.
  • Hence, to fill up this space, the BlushBee Organic Beauty brand is a perfect fit.
  • BlushBee Organic Beauty is a PETA-certified company and is making a concerted effort to promote the adoption of clean practices in the beauty and cosmetics industry.
  • According to Shobana and Navaneethan, co-founders of BlushBee Organic Beauty, "people buy from us because they look better, if not the same." "They are so surprised that our blush is the same powder blush as Mac, Lakme, Chanel, and other high-end brands. Our clients are pleasantly surprised, and they return."
  • The above graph shows the market size of cosmetic industry across India from the year 2010 to 2025 in US Billion Dollars
  • The above graph shows the market size of the cosmetic industry across India from the year 2010 to 2025 in US Billion Dollars

BlushBee - Founders and Team

A new line of cosmetics has hit the market, and it's perfect in every way. To that end, BlushBee Organic Beauty has created an eco-friendly makeup line inspired by women's needs.
Natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and inexpensive, this makeup line ticks all the boxes. The makeup line was founded by the husband-and-wife team of Navaneethan C and Shobana Navaneethan, who created it from the ground up.


  • Navaneethan is an engineering graduate with an experience in business leadership. Before starting BlushBee, he was working as a corporate leader in the Big 4 consulting firm.


  • Shobana is a Chartered Accountant by profession coming from a corporate background in the financial sector. She graduated from the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. The actual mind behind starting the BlushBee came from Shobana only.

BlushBee - Startup Story

  • The major role in the BlushBee story is played by Shobana. Once in a interview, Shobana revealed that the actual idea of BlushBee came to her 6 years before when she was looking for clean and organic beauty products in India.
  • When unable to find one, she started accessing them through Europe. Shobana Navaneethan, the co-founder of BlushBee Organic Beauty, is extremely conscientious about the skin care products she uses.
  • She would purchase her cosmetics and skin care products from Europe or the United States because they were unavailable on the Indian market and satisfied her desire to use ethically produced goods. She discovered, upon closer inspection of the ingredients, that even some of her favorite foreign brands contained indigenous Indian ingredients.
  • This resulted in the formation of BlushBee Organic Beauty, a solution-driven company that offered beauty-conscious Indian women daring and innovative products for everyday and special occasion use.
  • She started off with a simple step of creating lipstick at home on her own and later on shared it with her friends and family. Inspired by the idea, Her husband Navaneethan, even gifted her a lipstick-making machine and that was the reported start of the BlushBee Organic Beauty Brand.

BlushBee - Vision and Mission

  • For those valuing purity in their cosmetics, a new label is a perfect option. BlushBee Organic Beauty performs extensive research to identify rare plant ingredients that have significant skin benefits.
  • The ingredients are grown organically and are derived from natural sources. The company also takes steps to reduce its environmental impact by using recyclable, eco-friendly packaging. The rapidly expanding high-end cosmetics line offers customers the opportunity to splurge without feeling guilty.
  • We’re on a mission to make clean beauty & safe cosmetics affordable for all to choose and switch.

BlushBee - Name, Tagline and Logo

  • There is an interesting story behind the brand name “BlushBee”. Blushing Beauty" and "Queen Bee" are often synonyms for beauty and skin care. As a brand, they desired a name that would resonate with every lover of makeup and skincare cosmetics. With this in mind, the unique brand name "BlushBee" was implemented.
  • The primary objective of the firm was to select products that leave their customers with the feel of the queen, bold and beautiful ruling her hive just like a bee with no compromises.
  • The value maintained by BlushBee is "Consciously Clean & Pure. Intentionally Sustainable."
  • The brand also proclaims, "According to us, our customers are nothing less than blushing beauty queens who work tirelessly."
  • The Logo of the firm consists of the word BlushBee written in style with the word Blush written in black form and the word Bee written in the shade of Cyan Green and a small line above the “ee” of Bee with the same color.

BlushBee - Products and Services

  • The brand offers a variety of essential cosmetics, including twelve interesting lipstick tones, two eyeshadow palettes, five blush colors, sixteen nail polish hues, rose mist face toner, soy nail polish remover, and organic micellar water.
  • The BlushBee Organic Beauty products are created with an awareness of their duty to preserve the environment. In an effort to be environmentally conscious, the brand also utilizes recyclable and eco-friendly materials for packaging whenever possible.
  • It contains a small amount of FDA-approved synthetic coloring to achieve the desired hue. In addition, the duo is extremely forthcoming about every ingredient that goes into their products. BlushBee Organic Beauty fills a void in the market for eco-friendly, high-quality cosmetics.
  • The circle of friends and family had evolved into BlushBee's consumers, and they all have begun to make well-informed purchases as a result of the growing number of celebrity advocates for eco-friendly goods. And that's how they are able to acquire the first 100 customers in such a short span of time.

BlushBee - Customer Acquisition Strategy

  • BlushBee Organic Beauty's co-founder, Shobana, has always been picky about what she puts on her skin. When she discovered that her go-to cosmetics weren't readily available in India, she started making international trips to stock up.
  • However, she learned over time that several of her favorites were actually made from indigenous materials. This realization led her to begin producing goods for her own use, which eventually grew into a thriving business and recognized brand.

BlushBee - Challenges Faced

  • Blushbee Organic Beauty wants consumers to switch from chemical-laden products to clean beauty products, and therefore view brands that rely heavily on chemical-based formulas as indirect competitors.
  • A significant obstacle associated with the use of clean products is the compromise in final products or the limited options available. The company is transparent about its efforts to find safer alternatives to the chemical compounds used in conventional cosmetics.
  • The goal was to use Indian ingredients derived from plants and sourced ethically. In order to make this a reality, they had to invest heavily in R&D because there were no proven formulas in the market segment they were targeting.
  • In the end, they were able to design products with high quality and effectiveness that did not sacrifice the appearance or feel of the final product. When it comes to cosmetics, consumers anticipate nothing less than perfection in comparison to their favorite high-end brands like Mac, Lakme, Chanel, etc.
  • To meet this demand, BlushBee Organic Beauty employs a luxury branding aesthetic on all of its offerings. Customers are reassured and have faith in the products since they are covered with a metalized sustainable substance that makes them look glamorous and fashionable.

BlushBee - Awards and Achievements

BlushBee Organic Beauty has been honored with an "Industrial Outlook Award" for 2022.

  • It was also named the best vegan startup of the year.
  • The vegan cosmetics brand is thrilled to be a part of the Femina virtual beauty event.
  • Filmfare has also given its stamp of approval.

BlushBee - Future Plans

  • Currently, BlushBee is focusing on becoming a prominent brand in the Cosmetic industry just like other cosmetic brands. It is focusing on introducing different ranges of fashion products packed up in a similar pattern as of high quality Indian and foreign brands.


  • BlushBee started off with the pure intention of availing 100% organic beauty essentials in India and is seeing significant growth in its business by increasing customer satisfaction.
  • The company was started by a Chennai-based couple in September 2021. The details like startup stories, products, services, founders, etc are shared in the above article.


Who is the founder of BlushBee organic beauty brand?

  • BlushBee organic beauty brand is founded by a Chennai-based couple Navaneethan C and Shobana Navaneethan.

When was BlushBee founded?

  • BlushBee was founded in September 2021.

Where are BlushBee’s headquarters placed?

  • BlushBee’s headquarters are placed in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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