Aircall Success Story: A Cloud-Based Call Center Software

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In this globalized corporate market, the significance of effective communication has increased to a great extent. Businesses need to communicate internally with employees and management and externally with clients, suppliers, and customers.

Telecommunication platforms have emerged as an ultimate solution for modern businesses. Annually, around $145 trillion is spent on telecommunications globally. Telecommunication technology enables companies to communicate directly with customers, access real-time information, create relationships, and stay competitive.

Aircall is a 100% cloud-based telecommunication platform enabling companies to make national and international calls. Let's uncover everything from Aircall's startup story, founders, funding, and growth to partners, investors, and competitors.

Aircall - Company Highlights

  • Company Name-Aircall
  • Headquarters-New York, United States
  • Industry-Telecommunications
  • Founders-Olivier Pailhes, Jonathan Anguelov, Pierre-Baptiste Bechu, Xavier Durand
  • Founded In-2014
  • Valuation-$1B (2022)

Aircall - About

  • A cloud-based call center and phone system, Aircall meets modern businesses' communication needs. This voice platform can seamlessly integrate with popular productivity and helpdesk tools for sales and support teams. The call center makes phone systems easy to manage, transparent, accessible, and collaborative.
  • Founded in 2014, Aircall is based in New York and has multiple branches in Paris, Madrid, Sydney, London, Singapore, and Berlin. The platform integrates with 80+ major CRMs, marketing software, help desks, chatbots, eCommerce platforms, and more.

Aircall - Founders and Team

  • Olivier Pailhes, Jonathan Anguelov, Pierre-Baptiste Bechu, and Xavier Durand founded Aircall in 2014.

Olivier Pailhes

  • Graduated from HEC Paris with a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Economics, Management; Olivier Pailhes is an Angel Investor in Entocycle, Regroop, and Nelson. In addition to co-founding Aircall, he is a board member of French Tech Madrid and an Advisor at Metomic.

Jonathan Anguelov

  • Jonathan Anguelov graduated from ESCP Business School with a Master's in Finance, General. He co-founded Aircall and is working as its CSO. Moreover, he is the co-founder of Aguesseau Capital and Hotel Maison Barbes.

Pierre-Baptiste Bechu

  • Pierre-Baptiste Bechu has completed his Masters from Ecole centrale de Lyon in Computer Engineering and is the co-founder and VP of Aircall. He also worked as the co-founder and CTO of till 2014. In addition, he is a Partner(Digital IV) in 50Partners and a self-employed Angel Investor.

Xavier Durand

  • Xavier Durand was the technical co-founder of Aircall and worked with the company until 2020. At present, he is the co-founder of Regroop company.

Aircall is currently working with more than 800 employees.

Aircall - Startup Story

  • The idea of setting up Aircall was born at the eFounders studio in Paris in 2014. Founders- Olivier Pailhes, Jonathan Anguelov, Xavier Durand, and Pierre-Baptiste Bechu recognized that a telephone system is complex and costly enough to set up. It is when the co-founders took the challenge of revolutionizing corporate telephony.
  • After the first few weeks, they developed an MVP: an easy-to-use phone system named Aircall to get numbers worldwide and share calls across the team. With this product, the company got a handful of customers.
  • On June 1, 2014, the company charged firm time for the service for $19 per month. Davy Kestens was Aircall's first angel investor, who invested $5,000. In 2016, the company's growth accelerated, hitting $210K MRR. And in 2022, it raised funding of $132 million.

Aircall - Mission and Vision

  • According to Aircall, conversation is the most powerful way to communicate with colleagues, customers, prospects, and candidates. Therefore, the phone system enables delightful moments of human connection.

Aircall - Business Model

  • Aircall uses VoIP technology to integrate with the company's CRM systems and Helpdesk solutions to sync information. By setting up Aircall, companies can make calls using computers or mobile phones and monitor individual and team metrics in real-time. In addition, the platform allows companies to enhance productivity by creating new numbers, teams, and workflows.
  • The call center has many additional built-in features, like smart routing, sorting calls into call queues, live call monitoring, callback, warm transfers, call whispering, and more.

Aircall - Revenue Model

  • Aircall charges a subscription fee for its products and services. The company offers three subscription plans- Essentials for $30/user, Professional for $50/user, and a custom plan. Its pricing is estimated at $360 per year.

Aircall - Products and Services

  • The company offers several solutions, including Sales, IT & Operations, Customer Service & Support, and the whole company. Moreover, it provides the Aircall Phone app for Desktop, Aircall Phone App for Mobile (iOS and Android), and Aircall Browser Extensions.

Aircall - Challenges Faced

  • After 2017's New Year's Eve, it was a war-like situation for Aircall, named 'The Quality War.' The company's product was broken as nothing was working as per plan. Calls may or may not come through, and Aircall couldn't attract new customers. The management decided to stop the entire company. This crisis lasted for around three months.
  • Furthermore, six months after building the first US team, Aircall faced a challenging situation again. The company was finding it difficult to achieve its goals, and it wasn't working as a team. Aircall rebooted and restarted with a much smaller team.

Aircall - Funding and Investors

  • Aircall has undertaken 10 funding rounds and has successfully raised $225.6.5 million. Its latest funding round – Venture Series Unknown Round, was conducted on February 23, 2022, and raised $300 million. The company has over 27 investors with 6 lead investors- HubSpot Ventures, NextWorld Capital, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, DTCP, and others.

Aircall - Growth

  • With the company's annual revenue estimated at $161 million per year ($199,951 per employee) in 2022, its current valuation stands at $3 billion.
  • Aircall's employee figure increased by 18%. Moreover, the monthly website visit growth rate is 3.69%. The Aircall app has more than 9,130 monthly downloads.

Aircall - Partners

Aircall has collaborated with many partners, some of these are:

  • SnapCall
  • Klaus
  • Gorgias
  • Re:amaze
  • Plecto
  • Segment
  • Aroma
  • Zendesk Sell
  • JobAdder

Aircall - Awards and Achievements

Aircall is recognized as one of the leading, tech-savvy call centers in the United States. And the company has garnered multiple prestigious awards in its lifetime. Some of these are:

  • RemoteTech Breakthrough Award for "Business Phone System Innovation of the Year"
  • Ranked no. 1 call center in GetApp Analysis
  • GetApp Analysis declared Aircall a Call Center Software Leader

Aircall - Competitors

Some of its main competitors are:

  • Dialpad
  • RingCentral
  • Twilio
  • Nextiva
  • Talkdesk
  • OpenPhone
  • CallRail
  • YodelTalk
  • Aloware


What is Aircall and what does it do?

  • Aircall is a cloud-based phone system that helps businesses manage their phone communication with features like call forwarding, call recording, and IVR. It integrates with other tools and improves customer service, sales performance, and collaboration.

Can Aircall integrate with other tools and software?

  • Yes, Aircall can integrate with a wide range of other tools and software, such as CRMs, helpdesk software, and team messaging apps.

What pricing plans does Aircall offer?

Aircall offers three pricing plans:

  • Essential: starting at $30/user/month
  • Professional: starting at $50/user/month
  • Custom: tailored pricing for enterprise-level businesses

What type of businesses can benefit from using Aircall?

  • Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from using Aircall. It is particularly useful for businesses that rely heavily on phone communication such as customer support teams, sales teams, and call centers.

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