Addepar Success Story: Empowers investment professionals across the globe

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With the advancement of technology, several companies are delivering financial services by implementing APO, AI, data analytics, and blockchain. Moreover, in 2020, the global fintech technologies market size was estimated at $110.57 billion and is projected to reach $698.48 billion in 2030, with a CAGR of 20.3% from 2021 to 2030.

Furthermore, Fintech has also made it possible for investors to make profitable investment decisions by providing access to important data. Several companies are striving to operate on this particular business model.

Addepar is a globally recognized platform serving hundreds of companies and individual investors every day to meet the demands of the digital age, where efficiency, speed, and data security are key for making informed investment decisions.

Let’s uncover important details about this company- how it started, its funding, investors, products and services, and growth.

Addepar – Company Highlights

  • Company Name-Addepar
  • Headquarters-Mountain View, California, United States
  • Primary Industry-Financial Technology
  • Founders-Joe Lonsdale
  • Founded In-2009

Addepar - About

  • Addepar is a software and data platform that is set up in 2019. Specializing in data aggregation, analytics, and portfolio reporting, the platform enables wealth and asset management for registered investment advisors.
  • With client presence in over 30 countries, more than 800 leading firms trust Addepar for more informed and data-driven investing and advice. Its platform aggregates portfolio, client data, and market for more than $4 trillion of assets.
  • Moreover, the company has 6 offices in Silicon Valley, Chicago, New York City, Salt Lake City, Edinburgh, and London.

Addepar - Founder and Team

  • Joe Lonsdale graduated from Stanford University with a degree in BS, Computer Science. Before working as a Founder and Chairman at Addepar, he held the role of board member at Strive for College and Chairman of the Board at OneHope Wine. In addition, he founded Palantir Technologies and is also working as General Partner at 8VC.
  • Presently, Eric Poirier is the CEO of the company and it employs more than 700 employees

Addepar - Startup Story

  • Joe Lonsdale was inspired to launch another venture in 2004 after founding a successful startup ‘Palantir.’ He came across a significant problem in the financial sector during the onset of the recession. He figured out that lack of communication between big banks resulted in a wide variety of formats which led to major inefficiencies.
  • Lonsdale decided that he is going to create a solution that would minimize the number of software systems and provide a single platform offering simplicity. So, he developed a prototype and then researched while working with small financial service providers.
  • When Lonsdale was satisfied with the product, he along with his team founded a company in 2009 to market it, named ‘Addepar.’ in 2012. t\The company expanded its target clients and included RIAs (registered investment advisers). Moreover, it came up with a sales and marketing campaign to attract large clients.
  • Furthermore, Addepar focused on expanding risk analytics and its customer portal in 2013.

Addepar - Mission and Vision

  • Addepar’s mission is to bring data, technology, and people together so that investors can make better, more informed decisions. Moreover, the company strives to power the global financial system to efficiently allocate capital and mitigate risk.

Addepar - Name, Logo, and Tagline

  • The Addepar logo contains black and grey colors with simple geometric text. The black color signifies power, discipline, control, elegance, and authority. Gray, on the other hand, signifies neutrality, formality, and dignity.

Addepar - Business Model

  • When it comes to the business model, the company deals in a niche-specific market with a specialized customer segment. The offerings are primarily targeted at firms operating in the financial sector, including private banks, wirehouse teams, wealth advisors, large financial institutions, funds, and fund administrators.
  • Addepar simplifies its customers’ portfolio analysis and its solution enable users to view portfolios vertically, horizontally, and in-depth. This provides an accurate picture which further allows clients to better understand the interplay of multiple assets and how regular events can impact their portfolio.

Addepar - Revenue Model

  • Talking about Addepar’s revenue model, the company has one revenue stream, i.e., the fee it charges from its customers for providing analysis services on its platform. The fee varies with the amount of data being reviewed in a given period. It typically ranges between $50,000 and $1 million depending on the involvement of two important variables- investment and money.

Addepar - Challenges Faced

  • Addepar has been criticized for its program to pay employees higher salary and incentives to live closer to its headquarter just to motivate them to spend more time at work. For instance, the company offered a one-time payment of $300 per month. John Liotti, CEO of East Palo Alto community advocacy group Able Works stated the concern of gentrification of the neighborhood due to this program.

Addepar - Funding and Investors

  • Over 6 funding rounds, Addepar has been able to raise a total of $491.4 million. Furthermore, its latest funding round - Series F Round was undertaken on June 15, 2021, in which it raised a total of $166.3 million. It is backed by 18 world-class investors and Vika Ventures, D1 Capital Partners, WestCap, and Cota Capital are the recent ones.

Addepar - Mergers and Acquisitions

  • It has acquired 4 companies – AltX., RCI., CapShift, and AdvisorPeak.

Addepar - Patents and Trademarks

  • The company’s intellectual property presently has 25 registered patents, primarily in the category of ‘Computing’ and ‘Calculating.’ Furthermore, it has 23 registered trademarks categorized into the ‘Advertising’ and ‘Business’ class.

Addepar - Partners

Its partner network is designed to deliver the best possible results for clients. A few primary partners of the firm are:

  • Charles Schwab
  • Wealthscape
  • Morningstar
  • Intellifo Redblack
  • eMoney
  • Salesforce
  • Mirador
  • PFI Advisors

Addepar - Growth

  • The average assets that are added to the platform each week for many consecutive quarters are worth $15 billion. The estimated annual revenue of the company in 2022 is $146.1 million ($185,900 per employee). Currently, its valuation stands at $2.2 billion. Moreover, the employee count increased by 53% last year.

Addepar - Awards and Achievements

  • Talking about the company's recent awards and achievements, Addepar was recognized as a Forbes Fintech 50 for the 5th consecutive year and it received Fintech Award from Morgan Stanley in 2018.

Addepar - Competitors

Some of its competitors are:

  • Orion
  • Tamarac
  • Envestnet
  • Vise
  • Solovis


Who is the CEO of Addepar?

  • Eric Poirier is the CEO of the company.

What is Addepar and what does it offer to investors?

  • Addepar is a platform that offers investment management and financial data aggregation services to investors. It provides tools for tracking and analyzing portfolios, as well as monitoring risk and performance.

What kind of clients does Addepar serve, and in what industries?

  • Addepar serves a diverse range of clients, including family offices, wealth advisors, banks, and foundations.