Zimaxx Success Story - A unique tech enabled security service provider, operating through an innovative 'Platform as a Service' (PaaS)

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The need for safety services has increased as a result of people's growing concerns about security and safety. As technology develops, the market changes continuously, bringing better, more efficient safety solutions. Zimaxx Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one such company that operates in this field.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Zimaxx Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2022. It is a tech-enabled electronic security service provider, operating through an innovative ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) concept. The company has launched Captain India, India's first AI-powered life safety app, providing smart, intelligent, and trustworthy safety solutions on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Zimaxx Tech - Company Highlights

  • Company Name- Zimaxx Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Headquarters- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Industry- Safety Security
  • Founder- Onkar Sonalker
  • Founded- 2022
  • Website- zimaxxtech.com

Zimaxx Tech - About, Vision, and Mission

  • Zimaxx Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a social impact enterprise that has introduced India's first life safety services under the 'Mission Surakshit Bharat' program, as envisioned by our Honorable Prime Minister. Their app called Captain India – My Safety Superhero, backed by a 24x7 command station, offers 14 life safety services to provide a protective ring around users.
  • The company's short-term plan is to change the mindset of every Indian regarding their personal safety needs, and the long-term vision is to provide personal safety services to every Indian to make the country safe and secure.

Zimaxx Tech - Market / Industry Details

  • Zimaxx Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. operates in the category called Personal Emergency Response Services, which is witnessing significant growth in all aspects of personal safety. According to a report published by Research and Markets, the Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) – Global Market Trajectory and Analytics mentions that the Global Personal Emergency Response Systems market is expected to reach $10.7 billion by 2026, with the global market for Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) estimated to be at US $8.2 billion in 2022 and projected to reach a size of US $10.7 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 6.6% during the analysis period. There is no data available about the Indian market since the company is in the nascent stage of PERS. However, Zimaxx Tech expects the Indian industry to grow beyond a billion-dollar market.

Zimaxx Tech - Founder

  • Onkar Sonalkar is the founder of Zimaxx Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Zimaxx Tech - Startup Story

  • In 1995, Zimaxx Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.'s mentor, Pramoud Rao, a first-generation entrepreneur, founded a company called Zicom, which started retailing mobile phones in India and later pioneered electronic security in India. In January 2022, after exiting Zicom, over a cup of coffee, he was ideating with his friend, Onkar Sonalkar, a US-returned technocrat. During the conversation, Pramoud mentioned that he could not ever imagine that in 1995 when he was selling mobile phones, one day they would be ubiquitous to our daily existence. The discussion then centered around the fact that if mobile phones can do so many things for us, why not life safety services? This eureka seed, post multiple ideation meetings, created India’s first life safety service called – "Captain India- My Safety Superhero."

Zimaxx Tech - The Product/Service

  • The services of Captain India - My Safety Superhero, are delivered through an app backed by their command station. It has aggregated 14 life safety services that can be availed of at the click of a button for personal safety. The company provides SOS services, Ambulance services, Location Services to locate parents, children, and pets, Road Side Assistance, Medical Support, Follow Me, which provides Virtual Security Guard Services, and many more. The core of their services is their 28 years' experience managing a command station. All its 14 services are delivered through its command station, 24x7. Zimaxx Tech soft-launched its services on the 6th of August 2022 and started full-fledged services in the month of October 2022.

Zimaxx Tech - Name, Logo, and Tagline

  • When Zimaxx Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was ideating on the name, they were clear about joining Mission Surakshit Bharat. Hence, they ideated a name that would glue their business with their ‘Mission Surakshit Bharat’. Presto, the name which rang jingle bells in their mind was ‘Captain India – My Safety Superhero’, inspired by the Marvel movie famous superhero character ‘Captain America.’

Zimaxx Tech - Business Model and Revenue Model

  • Captain India app comes under the category of transactional apps and its services are subscription based wherein the users pay an annual fee for availing its services. Since it is a ‘Social Impact Enterprise’ its ethos is personal safety and not profits which is incidental. It has two channels of sales, direct and thru channel partners. Zimaxx Tech clearly understands, the success of any app business is its distribution and they are taking all steps to increment this on a daily basis. Currently, its pace is slow due to bootstrapping, however, the company has a target of gathering steam in Q4 of 2023. The company offers services at a list price of Rs 2999 and is currently running promotions at 50% discounts. It also offers commission/incentives to its Surakshit Bharat Ambassador (SBA) who are in partnership with the company. Its focus currently is the B2B segment.

Zimaxx Tech - Launching Company

  • The company's first customer is Bonanza Group. The Bonanza Group is known to care for its human assets beyond its physical work premises. When Captain India - My Safety Superhero was pitched to them, the decision to protect their human asset was taken in the first meeting itself. Currently, the company is in talks with more than 30 enterprises, all of whom understand the need to make their human assets safe. They believe that a 'Great Place to Work' can never be complete without their human assets feeling like they are in a 'Great Safe Place to Work'.

Zimaxx Tech - Customer Acquisition Strategy

  • The idea behind Mission Surakshit Bharat is what is attracting users to the company, which is a social enterprise with a mission to make the country safe and secure. The company fully understands, with its 28 years of experience that Indians unlike their Western counterparts do not pay much attention to personal safety. Instead, people believe in the law of Self Exception that nothing ever will happen to them, it will happen to someone else.
  • The company's future success depends on multiple factors, including changing the mindset of Indians on personal safety, the quality of their backend command station services, their outsourced service partners' service qualities, and the reliability and usability of their app. They are currently running low-budget marketing campaigns to warm up the market and test customer feedback. The company is also gathering feedback from its customers on what they like and dislike about their app. Their journey of 10,000 miles has just begun, and they know they will face glorious uncertainties, but they are ready to battle it.

Zimaxx Tech - Marketing

  • When it comes to marketing campaigns, the company understands that in the app world, where more than 5 million apps are battling it out, marketing is not an option. However, to state the real facts, their much-desired and most successful marketing campaign has still not happened. The reasons are twofold. They want to test the waters before they dip into them, and second, they want to meet more customers to get deeper insights before they open their wallets.
  • Failing is not an option, hence, the company is treading carefully with a simple ethos, they may slip, but they do not want to fall. Slow and steady will win the race for them.

Zimaxx Tech - Advisors and Mentors

  • The mentoring team is headed by Safety and Security Industry veteran – Mr. Pramoud Rao and the advisory board consists of Mr. Manohar Bidaye, Mr. Pawan Desai, and Mr. Rajesh Agnelo.

Zimaxx Tech - Challenges Faced

  • The company has not faced any major challenges until now. However, they are preparing to face challenges in the future. The company has created several pioneering categories in the past, such as Fax Machines (1988), Electronic Security (1995), Command Station (1996), SaaS in the electronic security domain (2012), etc. They are very confident and sure that they will be able to mitigate any challenges they face. They believe in the principles of the 5 Fs: Focus, Fast, Flexible, Fit, and Fun, which is their mantra for success.

Zimaxx Tech - Competitors

  • Currently, the company has no direct competitors in their business. Although there are a dozen safety apps in the market offering lean safety services, what differentiates them is their aggregation of safety services, backed by their command station, and the fact that they provide within 90 seconds emergency response services pan India 24x7.

Zimaxx Tech - Future Plans

  • The company is in the crawl phase before they walk, run, and eventually sprint. The company started small with a rented office in Bandra and has onboarded a lean team of less than 15 Surakshit Bharat Ambassadors (SMA) along with a few safety industry veterans. They have a realistic plan to achieve their goals. The plan is not audacious nor pompous to attract investors, rather it's a very realistic one. The chart below exemplifies their approach.


What is Captain India - My Safety Superhero?

  • Captain India - My Safety Superhero is India's first AI-powered life safety app, providing smart, intelligent, and trustworthy safety solutions on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Who is the founder of Zimaxx Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.?

  • Onkar Sonalkar is the founder of Zimaxx Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which launched Captain India - My Safety Superhero.

What is the size of the Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) market?

  • The global market for Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) was estimated at US$8.2 billion in 2022.