OdinSchool Success Story : OdinSchool’s Mission to Bridge the Skill Gap in India

Did you know that the most pronounced skill gap among workers is in the STEM field? Lack of good technology education and training is the root of the skill gap crisis.

Due to the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the Indian industry is continuously in need of skilled graduates. According to a report, 63% of Indian businesses believe there is a shortage of skills, primarily in IT and engineering services. The Indian government and IT companies have put great effort into creating numerous programmes to raise the level of employability of the nation's population with regard to new technological capabilities. But the level of employability, though, is still up for debate.

The only way to close this gap is to develop talent in accordance with the industry's specific needs. This is where OdinSchool, an Indian upskilling platform, is making a difference. Read on to find out how it alleviates the skill gap in India with its job-aligned courses.

About OdinSchool

  • On May 24, 2021, OdinSchool was established for Indian job aspirants and working professionals in response to the growing skill gap in the country. The industry is currently quite dynamic, with new technologies coming in almost every quarter. In such situations, young professionals face significant difficulties in advancing their careers unless they regularly upskill and reskill themselves as per the industry standards. 
  • OdinSchool bridges the skill gap by providing rigorous hands-on courses in highly sought-after fields like Data Science and Full Stack Software Development. With the aid of industry-specific training and guidance from industry experts, OdinSchool’s Bootcamps assist professionals in launching, re-launching, and growing their careers.

Products and Services
  • OdinSchool currently offers bootcamps in Data Science and Full Stack Software Development. They are delivered with an aim to impart a holistic learning experience. 
  • Different approaches such as live sessions with expert trainers, self-learning content, quizzes and assessments, talks by industry professionals and one-to-one mentorship, are built into the program for enhanced engagement. OdinSchool has a batch every month, so there are changes periodically to create a convergence between the learner and industry needs. The curriculum is revised every month in order to keep up with the changing demands of the industry, that is, the learners are trained in the most up-to-date skills.
  • Additionally, as part of its career services, programs such as workshops on behavioral skills, career counseling, personal branding, profile creation and placement assistance is offered to the learners. The working professionals from reputed companies are involved at multiple levels to support and mentor throughout the learning process. As a result, the learners are cognizant of the workplace scenarios and better prepared to handle them once they enter the workforce. The corporates also collaborate to hire skilled candidates and upskill their internal teams. OdinSchool partners with 500+ companies that hire its graduates. The dedicated placement team carefully matches student profiles with the most suitable job openings and schedules an unlimited number of interview opportunities.
  • Instructor-led, weekend live classes
  • 360° placement assistance
  • Curriculum vetted by the industry
  • Personalized mentorship

OdinSchool also offers the following Career Services:
  • Mock interviews
  • 360° placement assistance
  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Resume and other professional profile-building assistance
  • Unlimited interview opportunities

  • The price of the Data Science Bootcamp is ₹99,000 + GST. A scholarship worth ₹30,000 is available for eligible learners who perform well in the admission test. 
  • The Full Stack Software Development Bootcamp comes with both pre-paid and post-paid fee models.
OdinSchool’s Success
  • Today, OdinSchool is offering courses with placement assistance that is churning out the best talent for the industry. In about just a year since its inception, the organization grew by leaps and bounds. OdinSchool currently has 500+ hiring partners that hire its graduates. Some of these giants include PepsiCo, Cotiviti, Sutherland, Indegene, Capgemini, and so on. Along with hands-on training in technical skills, workshops on behavioral skills, career counselling, personal branding, profile creation, and placement assistance are also offered to the learners. 
  • Most of OdinSchool’s students are working professionals who aspire to upgrade their careers. That is, they need a flexible learning schedule that will help them fit in their work schedule around learning schedule. OdinSchool’s live weekend classes make their programs an ideal choice for both freshers and working professionals. 
  • Additionally, the Student Success Team hand-holds each learner throughout their journey by monitoring student activity, performance, and intervenes at appropriate moments to unblock progress. These interventions are data-driven and have been a major contributor in OdinSchool’s success.
OdinSchool has seen a surge in demand for its courses in a very short time. Common people started pouring in from diverse backgrounds, some were IT graduates but most of them were non-technical graduates who wanted to relaunch their careers.

OdinSchool’s distinctive programs helped transform many careers; below are some note-worthy testimonials,
OdinSchool has the best-structured modules, which cover all major skills required for Data Scientists with hands-on experience on real-world projects. Their career services helped me get placed in a well-reputed company with a 100% salary hike.
Data Science applications are found in all fields. This gave me the confidence to apply for OdinSchool's Bootcamp although I am from a non-technical background. The support from the mentors is unparalleled!
OdinSchool's projects gave me the hands-on experience I needed, I was able to change my career path and successfully start my Data Science journey with Indegene in just 6 months.

Getting women back to work
  • Helping women professionals re-enter the workforce is perhaps the most remarkable accomplishment of OdinSchool. From helping them challenge the societal conventions and familial pressure, to instilling in them the courage to sit for interviews after a career hiatus, OdinSchool is very passionate about helping women reclaim their career aspirations. It has helped several women including those with career gaps as long as 14 years, successfully get back to work with impressive salary packages.

  • As stated by Mr. Vijay Pasupulati, the CEO of OdinSchool, “India is at a very interesting juncture right now in terms of technology transformation and adoption. Unlike the past, the industry of the 21st century provides huge scope for professionals to switch careers and embark on a new path, if they are willing to put in the required effort to upskill and reskill themselves.”
  • With a proven track record of hundreds of placements across India in top-listed companies, OdinSchool has already become a job aspirant's best destination to learn and grow. For more information on OdinSchool’s job-aligned courses, please visit odinschool.com